The Board of Directors for the Illini Club of San Diego

These are your hardworking Board Members. Give us ideas on how to make your Club better. EVEN BETTER YET, VOLUNTEER to organize an event or help out on an event being planned.

Board members are elected for one-year terms at the annual dinner each spring. The Board typically meets every three or four months to plan events and conduct the business of the Club. All Board members are unpaid volunteers who donate their time and talents to making your Illini Club an organization that provides value to its Illini members.

The current slate of Illini Club Board Members is:

President: Jay O'Keefe - 

Vice President: Catie Crosby  -

Secretary: Kim Cox -

Treasurer: Rick Kyle -

Scholarship: Ned Swanson -

At-Large Members 

Barbara Blase
Vik Chaudry 
Denis Lougeay
Denruth Lougeay
Steve Palm

Eric Pierson
Bill Prey

Gunnar Schalin

Karri Takeuchi
Al Zimmer