Past Scholarship Winners

To date, scholarship winners have received in excess of $51,000 from the Illini Club of San Diego County.

In 1989 our club began its tradition of scholarships by honoring the student who portrayed Chief Illiniwek each year.  In 2004 we expanded the scope of our program by requesting scholarship applications from San Diego County students attending the University of IllinoisAs of 2014, our Club had made 55 scholarship awards, totaling more than $55,000.

When our Club's scholarship program began, 1/3 of our scholarship funds were provided by the U of I Alumni Association via the University of Illinois Foundatation (UIF).  Beginning in 2009, due to budget restrictions the U of I Alumni Association continued to assist in the adminstration of the scholarship process, but the Club took on the responsibility for the entire cost of the local scholarships. 

In case you are wondering where our scholarship funds come from, they come from you.  First, it is your tax deductible donations to the scholarship fund that make these scholarships possible.  Second, it is through your participation in select club events, or through the purchase of some items on our website.  Keep in mind, our Club no longer charges membership dues, so a making a voluntary contribution to our scholarship fund is a worthwhile option for you to support our Club.     

Our Scholarship Committee is headed by Dr. Glen Broom and is comprised of a distinguished and dedicated cross section of local Illini: Ms. Barbara Blase, Ms. Sue Dohren, Ms. Beth O’Rahilly, Mr. Gunnar Schalin, Mr. Bob VanWassenhove, Dr. Denruth Lougeay, and Dr. Jim Smith.  Each year their service to our Club allows us to reach our scholarship objectives.  When you see any of them at Club events or when you speak with them, please give them a word of encouragement and thank them for their service.  Their work this year resulted in scholarship awards to three fine students.

Awardee Name 




Esteban Roberts  Freshman  Computer Engineering  San Diego
Soumya Kuruvila Freshman Computer Science  San Diego
Pratheek Eravelli Freshman Computer Engineering San Diego